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Oil & Sovereignty: In Whose Interests?
In this paper Hulet uncovers the connections in government and industry and the enormous lobbying efforts by some of America's most powerful men; most of whom served in the past Bush Sr. and Clinton/Carter regimes of the past; nearly all of whom were with the Defense Department or State. These lobbying efforts to achieve the Silk Road Strategy are paying big dividends as these very same men are now back in office prosecuting the Afghan war.This is Hulet's most important paper to date on the war. (Almost 109 pages) The full text is here available for $15.00 Offered in Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word.
The Hydra of Carnage -- The Silk Road Strategy: The bellum justum Between Empire and Revolt
Hulet takes a look at defining Empire and describes what President George Bush has as his real political objectives in Afghanistan. This text will provide many answers, for those interested, in a current example of how this newest Empire operates. Also, there is a fuller discussion regarding the consequences of this "little war" in Central Asia. The war of attrition is discussed fully. The full text is here available for $10.00 Offered in Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word.
The World Trade Organization - The End of Geography?
The idea has been put forward by many scholars and elite thinkers that globalization and the interdependence throughout the world between nation states has created and environment where the nation state is being replaced by global governance. Hulet's theory is less sure of that outcome in that the global governance, should it succeed as the elite would wish, may create a state within a state, a power within a power; that is to say, an Imperium in Imperio. The full text is here available for $10.00 Offered in Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word.
Federal Reserve Monetary Policy: Is Greenspan's Fed the World's Central Bank?
Alan Greenspan has had more to do with the wild speculation in the U.S. stock market, and the economic boom, than any other single individual; he is therefore as responsible for the late 2000 crashes. But just what does the Fed want and does (de facto) act as the world's Federal reserve System? the full text is here available for $10.00 Offered in Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word.
Interested in the Interest - American's Pay For Their own Currency

Americans do pay for the use of the debt instrument called the Federal Reserve Note. In fact there is a great deal about the power of the Fed most are unaware of. Hulet's research uncovers some powerful arguments from Federal Reserve Board members to make his own that the Fed has grown too powerful and Greenspan in particular. The full text is here available for $10.00 Offered in Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word.


Record of Terror: The Causal Relationship

President George Bush Junior claimed that the reason why America was attacked on September 11, 2001, was because "they hate us, they hate our institutions, they hate our liberties and culture of freedom and tolerance." This theme is echoed in the media and all over America. Craig B Hulet, drawing on expert sources from 1998 to the present has prepared a document which refutes these claims. Using empirical evidence compiled on terrorist attacks both here and abroad, Hulet makes a clear case that terrorists attack Americans the world over for specific acts on the part of the American government; military intervention is the primary reason for these acts of retaliation, but economic intervention and dominance and the U.S. neoimperial vision are found to be just as responsible. One conclusion to come out of this well-researched document: when we attack Iraq, Iran, Syria and/or N. Korea, Americans the world over will be held accountable. More Americans will die.The full text is here available for $20.00 E-Mailed, offered in Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word


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