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Mr. Craig B Hulet,
pictured above sharing a moment with his Roundtable Group
Costa Mesa, CA April 2001.

Public Lecture

The Marina Hotel, Port of LA/San Pedro

November 18th, 2005 Tickets $30.00




Friday night November 18, 2005




7:30 PM 11 PM





The Marina Hotel, Port of LA/San Pedro California

2800 Via Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, CA. 90731





The The Marina Hotel, Port of LA/San Pedro See front desk for Salon A or B



$30.00 There are no discounts to apply.



The room only hold 250 people; if you want to be sure you have a seat do reserve one (or more) w/ Credit Card/Check/MO no later than Monday Evening prior to the event.




The Bush proposal to establish a full cabinet level position of Secretary for Homeland Security was not his original idea; it circulated in various legislative offerings from Joseph Lieberman, Arlen Specter and others. In fact it harkens back to Al Gore’s Reinventing Government only Gore would have centralized even more agencies under the Justice Department than Bush has under Homeland Security. There is but one reason for its existence. In the book the Hydra of Carnage it is argued that Mr. Bush is building an empire, but not an American one. A corporate empire whose ideology is Corporatism: the process...globalization; the means...technology. The original form Corporatism took was that of the Italian model Corporazioni. Coporazioni is always universalist, expansive and imperialist. It is always empire.

Bush understands empire even if the main stream media and the American people do not; even if the media cannot bring itself to admit it; even if the people would not believe it if informed. It was the empire which was hit on September 11, 2001 not America; the empire’s agencies (the World Trade Center and the Pentagon) not America’s; the empire’s leadership targeted not America’s. The empire will be targeted again and again the world over. Unfortunately many Americans will die because it is an American-led empire. This alone explains why the international guerrilla movement which struck on 9/11 represents something more than al-Qaida, more than terrorism, more than Ussamah bin Laden.

Bush isn’t preparing to only defend American citizens with his Office of Homeland Security; isn’t protecting the American homeland from the enemies of America; isn’t going to knock down enemy missiles because they’ve targeted America’s infrastructure. Bush is preparing to defend the corporate global empire at any cost: in blood--troops the world over; in coin--trillions of dollars to defend monopoly corporatism operating globally. Corporations which are no longer American in any sense of the word. Bush is no longer just the president of the United States but something altogether different, altogether more dangerous; the American people altogether more bewildered. As Dagobert D. Runes stated “As lawmakers are by and large the very same type that grasp for the throne, and since law is determined not by deeds but rather by motives, we must search for the intents of the dominant in order to check on the law.” -- Craig B Hulet?

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