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Mr. Craig B Hulet?
pictured above sharing a moment with his Roundtable Group
Wyndham Garden Hotel in Costa Mesa, CA April, 7th, 2001.

Private Roundtable

The Marina Hotel, Port of LA/San Pedro

November 19th, 2005 Tickets $75.00




Saturday November 19, 2005

9AM until 5:PM

The Marina Hotel, Port of LA/San Pedro California

2800 Via Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, CA. 90731



Hulet will give a short talk in the morning; break for lunch; Q&A to follow throughout the afternoon w/ discussions. We are expecting some 25 clients from seven states (several new clients that have signed-up from SoCal shall be attending).

$75.00 per person




If there is any meaning of America, it is dissent. The citizen of the United States, especially during war-fever, has a duty, not a right, to dissent. Mr. George Bush says we are disloyal to America in our dissent, rather, he is disloyal in his disallowing it. Time magazine reported on March 11th, that not one of the alleged hijackers had any contact with any member of al-Qaeda, casting further doubt that Mr. Bush ever had any credible legal evidence that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11. That seven of the alleged hijackers, all presumably quite dead, are instead quite alive, casts even more.

As lawmakers are by and large the very same type that grasp for the throne,
and since law is determined not by deeds but rather by motives,
we must search for the intents of the
dominant in order to check on the law.

--Dagobert D. Runes

It is the opinion of this analyst that Mr. Bush is not fighting a war on terrorism at all, but prosecuting terror in the minds and souls of the American people in particular and those of the world more generally. He has set a course globally which includes ignoring the United Nations Charter, the four Geneva Conventions, the NATO alliance and specific fundamental freedoms imbedded in the Bill of Rights and US Constitution. He arbitrarily abolishes standing treaties, arms America to fight who knows who, and targets as terrorists all who dissent.

It seems germane to this argument to question what Mr. Bush is then doing? Is it so inconceivable that given the above (and much more) that Mr. Bush has another, more specific political objective in mind? Is it not becoming clearer that Mr. Bush, and Mr. Blair following along like a Christmas puppy, are setting a course for a long sought Anglo-American corporate empire? Corporate in the sense that it has as its foundation mainly western multinational monopoly corporations; has as its ideological strength, corporatism; has as its means both globalization and the spread of technology; has as its might the most formidable war machine since Rome and her legions.

Liberty lost, cannot be regained, ever, without the loss of blood and coin, lives and property. The objectivity the mainstream media observes in these arguments above (when allowed at all), under the now false rubric of free speech and press, further guarantees the loss of liberty and the rule by force, not reason, by men, not laws. Have we learned so little, forgotten so much, in our quest for goods, our pursuit of plenty? Mr. Bush will leave only violence, years hence, to restore what is today lost. --Craig B Hulet?

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