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Press Release DATE: January 01, 2001
SUBJECT: KC & Associates' Mr. Craig B Hulet predicted over five years ago both the Presidential bid and win by George Bush Jr. and the Stock Market downturn, especially NASDAQ: We have tapes of the interviews and the dated written quotes!
KC & Associates has launched the new year with their new website!
KC & Associates' Mr. Craig B Hulet was one of the only analysts to correctly predict over five years ago the Stock Market downturn and NASDAQ in particular. As well as the utter collapse of so-called Internet stocks.
Mr. Hulet also predicted the Presidential bid and probable win of George Bush Jr. over five years ago. He stated both in interviews on radio and in writing George Bush Sr. did not leave office and go home to write his memoirs, he would return, placing one of his sons in the White House (this was stated before the two sons gained their Governorships!
Hulet even wrote a poem in his first book Human, All-Too-Human titled The Emperor's Own where he outlines the how and why Bush Sr. would accomplish this feat, and it was written the summer of 1998.
One question remains? Why, when so many hosts heard his predictions, knew he had made these statements often, and of course at the time ignored them, have continued to ignore his simple assertions now that they have come to pass?
It might be of interest to many listeners and readers to understand how this analyst came to his conclusions so long ago, updating them and reasserting them in greater detail as the five years plus elapsed; why he knew is important to understanding why we now have the President we do.
And now Hulet is explaining to his private client base what will be the first things on the new Bush agenda for 2001-2004. You will not read of these predictions anywhere in the mainstream media/press.
An interview with Mr. Hulet can be arranged by calling his press agent above.

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