The Blind Leading the Blind: By Pieter Brueghel
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Client Base
With Mr. Craig B Hulet?
It seemed foolish not to take one's own advice.
Mr. Hulet predicted the country's
radical pardigm shift
to the right as soon as it became
apparent that Ross Perot would put
Bill Clinton into the White House (twice).
See The Clinton Brief Report.
Knowing the social and cultural
consequences of this and having written
and spoken on the shift to come,
Mr. Hulet decided to trim his sails as it were;
fewer interviews, fewer lectures,
fewer appearances.
He started up his old consulting operation
and applied his analysis and research
to a private client base.
The year? 1995.
This website is the result of those years of work
in the private sector with over
twenty loyal clients.
Clients that Hulet has helped often in their
business, personal, financial affairs; and
geopolitical analysis you cannot
find anywhere else.
Corporate presidents, CEOs, small businesses,
larger firms, musicians, comedians
and blue collar workers
make up this unique group.
One qualification -- Everyone in this group
who regularly attend the Roundtables have a trait.
An important character trait.
Everyone is tolerant of other's views.
Every race, religion, gender, age,
sexual preference and political views
are tolerated -- or you are not.
So if its research and analysis,
consulting and the straight dope
on what's going on here at home and globally,
take a look at our Contract next:
Give Kathy a call if you are interested:
And see what a few important folks really think
about Mr. Hulet
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About KCÀ and About Craig B Hulet.

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