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About KC & Associates
KC & Associates began operations during 1988 (Mr. Hulet had been active in policy analysis for some years before that). When George Bush Sr. became President of the United States Mr. Hulet understood a great deal about where this particular individual would take the country and the legal system understood as the Nation State. Since KC&As inception Mr. Hulet has appeared on over 10,000 hours of talk radio programs and many national T.V. Programs (CNN, C-Span, Network news spots and too many local news hours to count). His appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show was considered by the host, Arsenio, "the hottest five minutes I have ever aired."
Hulet's work in the media gained him a formidable reputation: both the extreme far left (progressives) and the radical ultra-right (including militia) have denounced him. Spotlight newspaper went so far as to allude to Hulet being very likely Jewish although Willis Carto stated in a letter to one of his followers that Hulet "probably wasn't a communist, but an asshole!." Something of a compliment, considering the source. There is something to be said of being denounced by all sides; as Professor Dean Pickard Ph.D. has noted (in his review of Hulet's first book (Human, All-Too Human) "...it could be that you have hit upon something important that transcends such dualities." (See Hulet's biographical section elsewhere on this website for Pickard's review). In his second companion volume titled Global Triage Hulet outlines for the first time his new theory of State: or Imperium in Imperio, a State within a State. There has never been a more accurate depiction of the New Global Regime.
Hulet was the only, not just the first but only, analyst to forecast the Presidential run by George Bush Jr.; We have him on taped interviews after Clinton took office (1992) and before Bush Jr. was elected Governor of Texas, stating "The left thinks this is over, settled, that Bush went home to write his memoirs, they couldn't be more wrong." He mentioned it often over the following years of Clinton's reign and closed with a poem in his first book titled, Emperor's Own, which spelled out with some precision what ultimately took place during 2000; written during July 1998.
You will find that our CD of poetry reading is available on this site as well. The magic Elliot Kavee of New York and Andy Hill of Los Angeles brought to the reading with cello and guitar was first performed live on Frank Sontag's L.A. KLOS radio program, Impact for three hours; the CD contains four of the original pieces. Oliver Stone captured the essence: "I listened to portions of your CD which reveal a gloomy but powerful musical presence."
Hulet has given lectures throughout the country (primarily west coast from Seattle to L.A.); never pulling less than 100 in his audiences and often over seven hundred during the Persian Gulf period. He rarely makes these appearances any longer; both time and cost are factors. He has given more than 100 lectures since 1988. We archive all lectures and some 80 percent of all radio and T.V. interviews.
The decision was taken to do fewer lectures and interviews because of the paradigm shift of the country's inhabitants; Hulet forecast this dramatic shift in his white paper The Clinton Brief published immediately after Clinton took office his first term (1992). In that briefing paper Hulet outlined what each of Clinton's policies would be his first term in office. To quote one of our largest clients "I just want to know how you could have known, gotten every one of them right?" It isn't prediction, it is analysis without any bias. The without bias is key to understanding how Hulet works, thinks about things, concepts and therefore potential policy formulations. Quoting another private client, "(Hulet) isn't in a box, he sees outside of the box."
Therefore the decision to do fewer public appearances is directly related to working closely with fewer individuals as private clients: business and political clients, musicians and comedians, blue collar and white: The present group of clients truly represent a diversity not even the progressive left organizations can claim: virtually every racial, religious, gender, ethnic and sexual orientation and political/personal perspective is represented. If you can truly help one person...so the saying goes...and so the decision was taken; go back into private practice: taking on some 20-30 clients each year and producing the same work that you might find on this website, only for the client base, rather than the uninterested public. Click on Clients to know more; you might sign-up for one year. Clients do not have to pay for any documents that appear on this site except books and those products which appear on The Artful Nuance page. The public must pay our regular prices for everything of course. Which is only right, if they want to know what is really going on in the world and here at home, you get what you pay for. The WEB is no different.
Why the Snowy Scene?
The picture above was picked for what should be an obvious reason to those that know Hulet's work. His first two books were both Nietzschean in every respect; the subtitles bear this out. But Nietzsche always stated that a philosopher's teaching, or his hypotheses, bear witness to his self; every philosophy, if it can be called one, must of necessity be autobiographical. Hulet is a personal anarchist: properly understood as one with great discipline; properly not a hedonist. As such Hulet is, as well, an anchorite, and as Nietzsche might recommend, he goes out into the world now and then, but is no part of it. The little farm house in the picture is where Hulet spends his days. It is both haven and home. He long ago gave up having office facilities and shop, employees and staff, an overhead and need to grasp after every dime. He has achieved his dream in many ways and clearly in one sense -- freedom.
One cannot present a factual based analysis of anything of substance and be tied inextricably to an-other's knot. One must be free to be honest. So, as Emerson has said, a moderate poverty is by all means necessary to freedom, honor and the pursuit of truth. And the little farm house rests naturally in the midst of nature; another Nietzschean Emerson theme. The Wilderness Area of the Quinault Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State is where he and Kathy have chosen to spend their last years: Living Alone Together.
It is a lonely, damp and brooding place to most people; some move there and must leave after but one season; the locals (which are few) have nothing to do with outsiders (which suits Hulet fine) and the Quinault Reservation's native Americans are rarely seen (they keep to themselves as well). Hulet has found the native Americans (called Indians in Quinault by the Indians themselves) to be understandably more friendly towards he and Kathy than the settlers (locals that is).
And so it is that Hulet has found a little spot on earth rather undisturbed by the vacuous vapid masses. But more than that, few of the special breed of Homo Economicus can survive the lack of shopping. Mall-fodder and their larva are not well represented. So if the writings of one such as he might interest you, poetry, fine-art pen and ink, and a few ruminations of the philosophical bent and much cold, hard, unbiased political and economic analysis, then you have found a home. For a few important comments from some folks which matter, click on About Craig B Hulet: For an outline about KC & Associates' activities past and present, please continue.
KC & Associates
Investigations Research Associates
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KC & Associates is a network of professional political researchers and consultants providing analysis and working papers on matters of public interest. Upon leaving The Institute For World Research where he was director for five years, Mr. Hulet had developed a network of professional analysts and researchers he has remained in constant touch with. He used the Institute to bring Dr. Joseph Ioffe Ph.D. to speak: Ioffe correctly predicted (1987) the fall of the Soviet Union during his talk on campus; Hulet's past military background (101st Airborne and Vietnam 1969 and 70), gained him access to many retired and active duty military personnel that others would find difficult to even contact. His work as consultant to Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) of the Treasury Department and numerous active duty intelligence officers in many law enforcement departments, has gained him a respect among law enforcement so-called militia experts will never attain. His dissemination of critical analysis on the militia movement aided many members of these groups to leave the organizations knowing they had been conned by the so-called leadership (who illegally gave themselves military rank: General-this, Colonel-that). The ATF respects Hulet's efforts well enough to allow him to go on several radio talk programs (one's Hulet endorsed) with two ATF agents that were in the Oklahoma City Federal Building at the time it was blown up, so as to refute rumors spread by less than honest militia members and conspiracy theorists that the ATF blew up the building so Clinton could declare martial law! (Yet the lunatic left's self proclaimed intoxicated spokesmen claimed Hulet was a conspiracy theorist?).
White Papers -- Working Papers -- Briefings
A white paper is a treatise prepared by a consultant on topics based solely upon documented fact including summary and often includes exhibits. Where America is headed is the gist of each paper. Based upon his focused global view. Mr. Hulet provides valuable insight and understanding relative to each political/social event presented. Contained within each work is an analysis augmented by appropriate projections. Hulet's credibility has become his most enduring characteristic... a characteristic that bears witness to his manifold ability in predicting far in advance, the eventual outcome of esoteric policies, laws and political agendas. Bias, gravitating from left or right, Democrat or Republican, is non-existent. Operational funding derives exclusively from the marketing of these papers. All monies are subsequently earmarked towards further research, publications and media development. KC & Associates maintains a full client based group (20-30 clients) that pay a retainer amount (based upon need) annually. Paid clients gain access for free to everything Hulet writes and offers on this website. The public must pay for each paper based upon content, not length. One Panel Discussion with Hulet's client based Roundtable Group included noted money manager and investment counselor PC, with Congressman Jack Metcalf and his Chief of Staff Lew Moore as panel discussants. Hulet MC'd the event. Three events are held each year with clients. The public is only invited to the now rare public lecture Hulet might give annually. Roundtables are held in Seattle, WA; L.A., CA; San Jose, CA; Portland, OR; Orange County, CA.; and a special event for clients alone is planned for the Quinault Rain Forest Lodge.
Radio: Mr. Hulet is available for radio and television interviews throughout the country. Many consider Hulet their best interview ever as evidenced by the repeated return requests by notables in the industry. Jim Bohannon (National), Mike Siegel (Seattle) before he moved to the far right; Tom Lykis (National), Carroll Hemingway (L.A.), Michael Krasney (S.F.) before he sold-out to Pacifica; Ken Kramer (San Diego); Frank Sontag (KABC/KLOS Los Angeles); others have made Hulet a programming staple. The mechanics of our government and its manipulative character, the how and why of its operational mandates is a must-know for all Americans. Mr. Hulet is one vehicle for a candid understanding of how our nation and world works. His joint interview with ATF agents Mark Micholic and Luke Franey was a perfect example of the trust the ATF puts in Hulet's integrity: it was authorized from the top. Hulet has produced a number of radio programs over the years to have his better contacts and associates appear on various topics: Hulet and Congressman Jack Metcalf appeared jointly on several radio shows discussing the WTO; Congressman Ron Paul; General William Westmoreland (Ret.); Professor Antony Sutton Ph.D.; Colonel Robert K. Brown (Ret.); Dr. Joseph Churba, (International Security Council); Judge Jim Garrison (yes, that Jim Garrison in his very last public appearance with Hulet), and others. Television: Programs Hulet has appeared on include the Arsenio Hall Show, CNN, C-Span and every network news program including FOX (where they mentioned he had predicted the L.A. Riots four years before the outbreak); he appeared with Actor Sean Penn in a long MTV interview and now owns exclusive rights to the entire interview (MTV only aired a Penn sound-bite). His televised live debate on Seattle's Ken Schram Show with Militia of Montana's John Trochman, caused hundreds of militia members to quit the movement. Both the Trochman debate and the entire MTV interview with Hulet and Sean Penn are available on VHS tape (6 hours) which includes two short videos Hulet produced with the help of music video producer Josh Richman (Robert Downey Jr.'s producer of The Last Party). That video is titled The Boot Camp Video, and was produced in Quinault's Ancient Rain Forest.
Newspapers and Magazines
Many of Hulet's papers have been reported upon in newspapers throughout the United States: LA Weekly (interview), Coastal Coast News, Pittsburgh, Seattle's Common Ground, World Economic Perspective; The Seattle Times writer John Hinttenberger did a nice piece on Hulet's interviews and correct predictions on Bush and Hussein during the Persian Gulf War. His Middle East white papers were translated into nine languages and a political musical by the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Articles written by Hulet have appeared in such various magazines as Soldier of Fortune (where he deconstructed the tabloid Spotlight Newspaper and the militia movement in two separate pieces), Financial Security Digest, and International Combat Arms. Mr. Hulet owned and operated (editor and publisher) the weekly newspaper The Brief (formerly the Special Missoula Brief, Missoula Montana) for three years and the newsletter of the Institute For World Research, A Caveat. During that five year period in Montana, Hulet also hosted a public affairs talk show on KGRZ. To see what a few notables think about Mr. Hulet, click on About Craig B Hulet.

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